“Visiting the Doctor in Germany” for Refugees and Doctors

A better communication even without being able to speak the same language: This is the aim of the Patient-Doctor-Booklet “Visiting the Doctor in Germany”. A mutual understanding between doctor and patient leads the way to an easier diagnosis. The important thing about it: the cultural background. How does the religious background influence taking one’s medicine? The booklet is field-tested, though it cannot meet all requirements of every situation. It is written by dedicated doctors, by the organization Helferkreis Salzweg and by ICUnet.AG in cooperation with AOK –der Gesundheitskasse.
The first edition of the booklet focuses on the Arabian and Persian region. In this version central terms and questions have been translated into English, French, Arabic and Dari Persian. Along with detailed illustrations it will help to enable communication about pain and symptoms without extensive language skills. Furthermore, conflict situations due to cultural differences will be eased and maybe even avoided.

The Patient-Doctor-Booklet “Visiting the Doctor in Germany” is freely available for doctors and refugees. Copying the unaltered booklets is explicitly welcomed and does not infringe copyright.

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