Australia: Extension of the duration of stay with subclass 400 visa

Australia extended the maximum validity of its subclass 400 short-stay activity from three to six months.
However, the validity still remains at the discretion of immigration department officials who are directed by new policy guidelines:

  • Visas for more than three months will only be granted where a strong business case is made
  • If an applicant spent time in Australia in the last 12 months on any visa, this will be taken into account when determining a subclass 400 visa period

Advantages of the new Policy

  • If there is an urgent need for a subclass 457 visa, a subclass 400 visa may be granted when a subclass 457 visa application is delayed be a third party, i.e. an English test provider.
  • The subclass 400 may also be approved for work that is infrequent, i.e. conducting internal audits or board meetings. The policy allows for a total stay up to 6 months in any 12 month period. In “exceptional circumstances” an applicant may be allowed to stay in Australia for more than 6 months in any 12 month period.

Strong business case for longer validity subclass 400 visa

A letter of invitation from an Australian business, which has to verify the period of stay required, needs to be issued to applicants. It should include:

  • Nature, size and duration of the project
  • Significance of the project to the business and community including the number of Australians employed on the project and by the business
  • Impact in case the project should not be able to proceed, including on employment opportunities for Australians
  • Evidence that specialist expertise from overseas is required

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Source: Ernst & Young