Commencement of the Federal Citizen’s Registration Act on 1st November 2015

With the commencement of the Federal Citizen’s Registration Act on November the 1st 2015, for the first time there will be a nationwide uniform Registration Act for all citizens of Germany. This will also have implications for the registration of foreign employees and their families.
The new essential features include:

  • The registration, re-registration and deregistration has to be carried out at the local registration authority within a period of two weeks after moving to a new residence. A deregistration has to be done two weeks after moving out, if no relocation to a new residence in Germany is planned.
  • Deregistration can already be made one week before moving out by updating the civil register with the actual move date.
  • The general notification requirement also applies to people for whom it is known in advance that their stay in an accommodation facility will exceed six months.  A registration has to be carried out within two weeks after moving in this case as well.
  • Persons which are not registered with a flat in Germany (i.e. business travellers or tourists) become subject to the notification requirement after three months. After this period, the registration has to be carried out at the local registration authority within two weeks.
  • The obligation of co-operation on the part of the accommodation/rental agent regarding registration and deregistration: The agent or an endorsed representative is obliged to prepare a written confirmation within the above-mentioned two weeks.

In case of moving out a confirmation is only needed, when the relocation does not take place inside of Germany.

The confirmation has to contain the following information:
1. Name and address of accommodation agent
2. Type of registration process with date of move
3. Address of the flat
4. Name of person which has to be registered

Please note: It is expected that several authorities will not make registrations on hotel addresses in the future, when there is a transient stay planned of less than three months. It should therefore be clarified with the competent authority in advance, if a registration can be made on the hotel address.