A Learning Programme for SMEs in the Field of Machine Tools

2019 started very exciting for European companies. In January, the forth mission of CUBE IN went to India. European SMEs active in the field of machine tools, coming from four different countries attended the IMTEX, profited from intercultural training and visited Indian companies.

The first day started with the intercultural training about the diversity and traditions of India and its effects on the business world. Participants learned, that a “yes” I not always a “yes” and that personal relationships are very important. On the second day three different companies were visited. The networking between the European participants and the Indian decision makers were very important to CUBE IN and therefore a lot of company visits have been organised. The next day, participants attended the International Seminar, held in the context of the IMTEX (Indian Machine Tool Exposition), organized by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association IMTMA. Sessions in the focus areas of Machining & Tools, Large Parts Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing, held by Indian and International experts could be attended. As the audience was mainly Indian, participants could get into contact with local entrepreneurs easily. The following day was dedicated to the IMTEX itself. On this occasion the group exchanged with UCIMU, the Italian machine tool manufacturer association and learned about their support and services to European experts interested in the growing Indian market. The next day was again full of company visits. The group could see that innovation is happening in India not only in big factories but also in little, rather improvised shop floors. On the last day, the group summarized all activities and developed ideas, which they now try to implement.

Click here to watch the video and get an impression of CUBE IN and the Indian business culture.