The envoy of the Embassy PRC visit icunet

As part of the symposium of the Neuburger Round Table “One Belt – One Road. Made in Germany becomes Made in China 2025” at the University of Passau on October 13, the Envoy Mr. Junhui ZHANG, Mr. Yang LEI, Attaché of the Press Department of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and Dr. Ing. Christine Egger (Uni Passau) visited the icunet.

The guests arrived in the afternoon. A friendly conversation took place with the participation of senior managers and China experts of icunet. Topics included the history of icunet, the development of German and Chinese economic relations, and the challenges of Chinese companies in Germany. After the conversation, the guests were invited to a tour of the icunet headquarters.

The visit ended on the terrace overlooking the Danube with a gift of intercultural chocolates symbolizing the diverse mix of icunet staff.

Author: Wenting Sheng