Step by step to more diversity & inclusion.

Organisations with high diversity are more successful than average – strategic D&I management leads to more. We support you in developing a customized D&I strategy and implement it for you internationally: hands-on, business-oriented and interculturally competent.
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Diversity alone is not enough – what matters is inclusion!

Diversity means, embracing the individuality of your employees. Inclusion creates the framework for this.

D&I Management = Change Management
It’s about strategy, structural adjustment and culture change through an inclulsive mindset. For us, D&I is not an end in itself, but always embedded in a business case.

D&I Strategy, Structures & Processes, Culture & Mindset

Find out how D&I becomes a business case in your team.

Our range of services for successful D&I

Our principles are the basis of our methodology

Systemic identification of your needs "Why D&I?"
  • Develop objectives, define goals, clarify understanding of D&I.
  • Establish business relevance: Why D&I? Value contribution of D&I
  • Determination and prioritization of the areas of action
  • Stakeholder analysis
Analysis of the initial situation "Where do we stand?"
  • Positioning: where does the organization currently stand regarding D&I?
  • Analysis of the corporate culture
  • Interactions within the system
  • Challenges, success factors, incorporation into processes
Action plan "What does it take?"
  • Developing a culturally customized D&I strategy.
  • Roadmap: Definition of measures and initiatives
  • Objectives, milestones and KPIs
  • Communication plan
Implementation "Now: go for it!"
  • Implementation of measures in defined fields of action
  • Quality check and readjustment
  • Change management & communication
  • Evaluation of measures
success control & sustainability "Did we achieve our goals?"
  • Check: Target achievement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Communication
  • Sustainability
Training&Coaching, Strategy Development, Tools&Diagnostics, Events, Lectures Large Groups, E-Learning, Culture Change

You define the objectives, we implement them – D&I topics at a glance

Inclusive leadership, D&I in recruiting, personnel selection and assessment, nudging, unconscious bias, train-the-trainer, train-the-change pilot, generation-appropriate leadership, diversity training, cultural competence & cultural diversity, improving gender balance
We have extensive experience in the pragmatic implementation of various measures. You know best, what goals you want to achieve. We know how to implement the appropriate formats and topics: target-group-oriented, culturally adapted and focused.
Possible focus topics
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • D&I in Recruiting, Selection and Assessment
  • Nudging
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Train-the-trainer, Train-the-Change-Pilot
  • Generationally appropriate Leadership
  • Diversity Training
  • Intercultural Competence & Cultural Diversity
  • Improving Gender Balance

Every culture has a different interpretation of diversity.

International D&I strategies require intercultural competence.

Unleashing the potential of international cooperation – we have been doing this successfully for more than 20 years. We mediate between cultures and bring international initiatives to success.

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An international D&I campaign must adapt to cultural specifics, otherwise the impact evaporates.


Debates about gender, generations, sexual orientation, religion and world view follow very specific patterns in different cultures. We know these patterns and adapt your strategy accordingly.

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We develop a D&I strategy that suits you.

Who is ICUnet?

The ICUnet Group was founded in Passau in 2001. The company is active in 75 countries worldwide and serves clients in the context of internationalization, intercultural collaboration and organizational development.