Happy diversity month: Allyship – an important part of your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey!

Allyship is an important part of diversity and inclusion because it involves taking action to promote equity and combat discrimination. Being an ally means actively supporting and advocating for marginalized individuals or groups! Allyship helps to create a more inclusive and innovative workplace culture.

Here are three useful tips, how to be an ally for your colleagues:

Educate yourself: Learn about the experiences and challenges faced by marginalized individuals or groups in your workplace. This can involve reading books, attending training sessions, or engaging in conversations with colleagues who have different backgrounds than your own.

Listen and support: When a colleague shares their experiences or struggles, listen attentively, and offer your support. Acknowledge their feelings and validate their experiences. Avoid dismissing or minimizing their concerns.

Use your privilege: As an ally, you have the privilege of being heard and taken seriously. Use this privilege to speak up and advocate for marginalized individuals or groups. When you notice discrimination or bias, call it out and take action to address it.

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