Inclusion Nudge for February:
Check-in questions for team meetings

Are your meetings often dominated by only a couple of voices from your team? Do you have colleagues who have great ideas and opinions, but never voice them in the meeting?
Then it might be time to try our Nudge for February!

Check-in questions
Try starting your next meeting with a check-in question like “How has your day been so far?” or “What do you look the most forward to today?”

This gives all participants the opportunity to have a moment to mentally arrive at the meeting and get comfortable to raise their voice in this surrounding. Because when everyone has already had a chance to speak, it makes it easier for quiet team members to speak up later. In addition, participants get to know each other better!

For more inspiration, feel free to try these question generators, for example:

Try this InclusionNudge to give everybody a chance to speak and to learn new points of view and ideas.

And if you are a team leader – this will also help making everybody feel seen and heard!

Inclusion Nudge February 2023