How Allianz puts the “customer” in the focus of Global Mobility by driving digitization

Allianz Webinar
with ICUnet & Partner EY

30th June and 02nd July
12:00 p.m. to 13:30 p.m.

How do you reduce complexity in global mobility management? 

This question may not be answered easily, as potentially there are many trigger points. So, where to start?

Our customer Allianz would like to share their experience regarding this topic. The world’s largest financial service provider is a pioneer in simplicity and would like to show you how they put the “customer” in the focus of Global Mobility by driving digitization. 


With the online webinar “SIMPLICITY WINS”, wich took place on 31. June and 02. July, ICUnet and Partner EY liked to offer a plattform for exchange between companies from different industries and show how their customer Allianz is driving change and digitization in their company.


See exciting insights of the webinar here:

Vision and target definition of Allianz regarding a leading platform with innovative workflow management functions

Requirement of Allianz for a new assignment management technology

ICUNext Destination Tool (IND) – Global workforce management tool that covers the entire assignment management lifecycle

Interconnectivity and integration scenarios – Interface to EY’s Global One

Which direction is the digital transformation in Global Mobility currently taking in your company?

Allianz is currently undergoing the greatest change process in their history and the Human Resources is contributing greatly to the Group-wide “Renewal Agenda”. All HR processes are currently being transformed, with a clear focus on “simplicity” and “user experience”.

Jürgen Zwerger, Head of Global Mobility at Allianz, is convinced that a strong focus on simplicity will enhance assignee satisfaction and efficiency.


How do you reduce complexity in global mobility management?

“A great vision, implemented in hard and detailed work” best describes the journey the Allianz is accomplishing in the area of Global Mobility. In close cooperation with their external partners, the world’s largest financial service provider has set their goal to put their assignees at the center of work:

End-to-end processes, smart workflows and intelligent assignment management technology are just three keywords to show how digitization plays a major role in enhancing assignment processes. Another example is creating interfaces between EY‘s Global One and ICUNextDestination (IND), ICUnet’s assignment management tool.

In this way, tax-relevant data can easily be exchanged and a smooth end-2-end workflow management is enabled.

Jürgen Zwerger
Head of Global Mobility

Sascha Meißner
Vice President Sales Global Mobility

Ulrike Hasbargen
Partner People Advisory Services