The consulting concepts of the ICUnet.AG were awarded the “Best of Consulting 2013”

The WirtschaftsWoche presented in Dusseldorf as part of the “Best of Consulting 2013” award the best consulting companies in Germany. The intercultural consulting company ICUnet.AG from Passau got the second place in the category of personnel management.

As expected, many of the international active industry players showed during the project evaluation that the outstanding consulting quality does not depend on the company size. The intercultural consulting company ICUnet.AG got the second place in the category of personnel management of the award “Best of Consulting 2013”. The jury made of scientists and industry representatives was persuaded not only by a huge project for one of the largest German automobile manufacturers consisting of giving intercultural awareness for over 100 employees but also by the very positive reviews of the ICUnet.AG customers.

Unique market position and potential for innovation

The customers and their needs are the centre of the ICUnet.AG business activity – its successful concept has proven this year to be profitable. The ICUnet.AG could particularly convince by its tailored concepts, high transparency and innovation.
ICUnet.AG is the leader in service, innovation and quality for assignment management, relocation services, intercultural consultation, and qualifications. Over 150 permanent employees and more than 350 freelance employees make up an interdisciplinary team of specialists with expertise in more than 75 countries. Each year, ICUnet.AG successfully completes over 8,000 foreign assignments in the area of assignment management and intercultural training.