The Ministry of Interior in Israel replaced the 30-day work authorization program by a 45-day program

Those who are planning to do a business trip to Israel can apply for a 45-day SEA (Short Employment Authorization) at the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. This application should be done by the inviting company in Israel.
This kind of work permit allows to work for 45 days within the concerning calendar year in Israel. The processing time of the work permit is 6 to 8 days after the application has been submitted. Once it has been approved by the Israeli Ministery of the Interior the person can immediately begin to work in Israel. Under certain circumstances it’s possible to receive a work authorization with mutiple entry.
Previously, people from abroad were only allowed to work 30 days in Israel with a SEA (30-day SEA). Since 25th October 2015 the new 45-day SEA program allows to work for 45 days instead of 30. This scheme is valid until the 31st July 2016.
Source: Ocean Relocation