New Diversity & Inclusion Ambassadors Starter-Kit

May we introduce… our new DiversityInclusion Ambassadors Starter-Kit:

Are you ready to champion diversity and inclusion within your organization with an Ambassador Program? Great news then, we’re thrilled to present our comprehensive “D&I Ambassadors Starter-Kit” designed specifically for your Ambassadors.

Our Starter-Kit consists of three interactive workshop modules, enabling future D&I Ambassadors to understand their vital role and foster agile collaboration. They gain a solid foundation in D&I knowledge and tools, learn how to become allies for Inclusion, and develop the ability to respond effectively in non-inclusive situations.  
The aim is to empower your D&I Ambassadors to excel in their role as allies and become self-driven advocates for inclusion within their respective companies. Together, let’s reshape the narrative and drive positive change! 

Let’s create workplaces where everyone feels valued and empowered to thrive!  
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D&I Ambassadors Starter Kit