Learning to be fit for the future - through intercultural training from ICUnet.

We are specialists in international collaboration, leadership development and diversity & inclusion. Our experts navigate your employees in the global and digital space.

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Intercultural Training

Navigate successfully
through the VUCA world

The VUCA world demands a lot from companies. The challenges and requirements are volatile (V = volatile), uncertain (U = uncertain), complex (C = complex) and ambiguous (A = ambiguous). This is the field of tension in which employees and managers of today and tomorrow operate. Our customized (virtual) trainings & coachings offer effective levers for the development of relevant future competencies.

We are specialists in international collaboration, leadership development and diversity & inclusion. Whether executive, project lead or team member – we put your employees on the right orbit in terms of their personal competencies and potentials through intercultural coaching.

Find out how to build a sustainable Learning Journey on D&I and cultural agility. 

International Collaboration and Projects.

Companies are increasingly working globally and in many areas as virtual teams. Our experience shows that this collaboration has to be consciously lived and competently managed in order to generate the targeted output.

ICUnet solutions.
  • Cultural Agility
  • Intercultural cooperation with cross-cultural teams and partners in the target culture or region
  • International project management
  • Feedback & error culture in teams
  • Teambuilding
  • Remote (virtual) teamwork
  • Successful negotiation in the target culture
  • International conflict management
  • Intercultural competence for agile coaches and teams
  • Successful sales in the target culture or region
  • Design thinking in an international context
  • Change management in international cooperation
  • Culture change – reflecting on your new corporate values in an international environment
  • Nudge management for successful culture change
  • International moderation and presentation
Your rational and emotional benefits.
  • Intercultural competence as a base for successful team work
  • Competence of your employees and managers to deal with global collaboration challenges including an effective toolbox
  • Transfer of what you have learned to the individual context of your employees and teams
  • We build resilience in your team. We empower ownership and commitment

Leadership Development.

The demands on managers are growing immensely – and with them the need for competencies and skills. From digital transformation to change management and internationalization. Together with you, we design a customized development journey with milestones for your management development. Our three core building blocks: We evaluate, we empower, we ensure the transfer of what has been learned into the individual context.
ICUnet solutions.
  • International Leadership
  • Leadership and self-leadership in the VUCA world
  • Leading at eye level
  • Self-leadership
    • Challenges in the VUCA world
    • Breaking patterns and trying out new behavior
    • Living in harmony with your values
    • Mental agility
    • Energy management and self-regulation
  • Stronger self-organization – working well under pressure
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Neuro-Leadership
  • Resilience
  • International Moderation and Presentation
  • Virtual Leadership
  • Work and Life Balance
Your rational and emotional benefits.
  • Development of professional and intercultural leadership skills
  • Confidence for your managers in dealing with complex (virtual) management situations
  • Securing business and project success
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce employee turnover and strengthen employer branding

Diversity & Inclusion.

We understand the impact of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in terms of higher resilience, innovative strength and problem-solving ability of teams and organizations. D&I is not a means to an end in itself, but an essential component of the future viability of every company and every organization. From gender to nationality, cross-functionality to inclusive culture: We design a customized Diversity & Inclusion Journey for you.

ICUnet solutions.
  • Unconscious bias – breaking down unconscious prejudices
  • Successful inclusion for teams
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Inclusion nudges
  • Leading at eye level
  • Intergenerational team building
  • Making Diversity Potential Visible and Utilizing it through a Change of Perspective
  • D&I sensitive leadership
  • Strengthening teamwork and eliminating prejudices
  • At the organizational and team level: increasing resilience and accelerating the ability to innovate
  • We advise, empower and accompany. Globally and also on a virtual level.

We advise, enable and accompany. Globally and also virtually.

We are cross-cultural experts.
Our DNA is (inter-) cultural expertise. Accordingly, we can translate the challenges of the VUCA world into 75+ cultural contexts. The certified ICUnet trainer team accompanies you with business experience, cultural expertise and personality. Practical solutions and training modules that have their finger on the pulse of the times are at the forefront: from 21st Century Skills and Unconscious Bias to leading cross-generational teams.
We are digital.

The learning of today and tomorrow is changing dramatically. Your employees and managers are demanding modular learning platforms that are independent of time and location. We develop e-learning products and potential analysis tools in-house. We understand the development as a co-creation process, which we carry out together with our customers. After a needs analysis, we define exactly which skills are to be trained, what the training program should look like and how success can be measured. You set the requirements for our tools. We develop them to measure.

Competence development with the ICUnet Learnhub
Whether on the road, in the office or at home. Whether in Passau, Shanghai, Mexico City or Los Angeles. With Learnhub, ICUnet has developed an interactive e-learning tool that allows your employees to access podcasts and high-impact learning content at any location and at any time. With us, your team’s intercultural competence development is unbound by location and time, and just a few mouse clicks away.
Personnel selection and development
ICUnet works with psychologically based online testing procedures in personnel selection and development.

  • With IGP (Inventory for Global Potential), we use 13 factors to test whether your employees have the necessary competencies to perform in the “VUCA” working world.
  • With the TIS® (Test of Intercultural Sensivity), we assess the individual personality traits of your employees for you
  • With the IPT® (Intercultural Preference Tool) we record the individual cultural preferences of your employees. Convince yourself – The IPT® to try out
  • The I4ID® (Inventory for Intercultural Development) shows you the intercultural competence of your employees and how a goal-oriented and practice-oriented further development can look like.
The ICUnity. Global availability and quality standards
Passion for empowering others as well as sensing the latest trends are at the forefront of our minds – both for our permanent team of trainers and coaches as well as for our external network of over 350 consultants worldwide.
Success factor training

What our clients say.

Ein kompetentes und engagiertes internationales Team kombinierte Seminare, Events, E-Learning und interkulturelle Informationen zu einem Programm, das so auf dem deutschen Markt konkurrenzlos ist. Das macht Lust auf mehr.

Roland Schäfer
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Die sehr flexible Herangehensweise der TrainerInnen mit unterschiedlichem kulturellem Background war ausgezeichnet und hat unsere Fragen mehr als nur beantwortet.

Tobias Schellhaas
Merck KGaA

Ich bin begeistert, was ich alles über die chinesische Kultur gelernt habe. Bei zukünftigen Entsendungen nach China kann ich unsere MitarbeiterInnen nun viel kompetenter unterstützen.

Karin Aebi-Holmes
ThyssenKrupp Presta AG

Das Coaching war einfach super, ich war hin und weg. Ich kann das Basis-Coaching absolut weiterempfehlen und finde es klasse, auch künftig von Lufthansa / ICUnet.AG unterstützt zu werden!

Angela Klemann
Ehefrau eines Expats der Lufthansa

Das in unserem Haus durchgeführte Training zum Thema ‚Fit für die globale Arbeitswelt mit Fokus China‘ war ein Erfolg auf ganzer Linie. Das Training war von Anfang bis Ende spannend und abwechslungsreich.

Dr. José A. Campos Nave
Rechtsanwalt bei Rödl & Partner

Our clients

Partner support program for expatriates.
Innovative expatriate preparation with local guides and preparation calls.
Modular global webinar series on “International Collaboration”.
International project management training with university certification.
Intercultural training and sustainable “tool box” for country-specific knowledge management.
Trainings with specific country and topic focus.
Specific preparation abroad in the “Expatriates Academy”.
“Culture Implementation” with training modules.
Preparation abroad for junior executives.
Re-integration of expatriates and preparation of foreign know-how.

Build intercultural competencies. We show you where and how you can start.

Who is ICUnet?

The ICUnet Group was founded in Passau in 2001. The company is active in 75 countries worldwide and serves clients in the context of internationalization, intercultural collaboration and organizational development.