Why Coaching?
Executive Coaching, A Potent tool.

“Who, exactly, seeks out a coach? … Informed leaders who want more out of life”

For those of you who have ever played sports or been on a team, chances are you’ve had at least one great coach. This person is different than a teacher or an authority figure. They’re a personal sparring partner who stuck with you through the ups and downs and only has your best interests at heart. They made you a better sportsman.


In our professional lives, the same principles apply and after more than 7 years of offering premium level executive coaching in China and working with clients across the automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, tech and education industries, we put together our top 3 ‘wins’ of executive coaching.

1.    More Self-Awareness

I saw myself in a professional capacity more accurately Self-awareness in leaders is crucial and employees more easily follow those leaders who have a strong self-awareness. I learned to see myself more objectively.

2.    More Clarity

I started to see others more clearly – I could see people’s motivations and their drivers and it helped me manage my team more effectively thanks to the observations of my coach.

3.    Better Connection

More I increased my toolkit – The coach worked with me to gain a lot of new approaches and communication methods and ways of responding to my colleagues and counterparts. It helped elevate me from a manager to a leader. This in turn helped me build much closer relationships with stakeholders.

How does coaching work?

You select your coach, based on their background and approach and then you have a ‘chemistry meeting’ with him/her. In this meeting, you will talk around a wide range of topics and your coach will guide you through some questions that will help her/him understand you and your goals better. If you have a dilemma, a question or a challenge at work, that helps. After the chemistry meeting, if you feel comfortable moving forward with the coach for further sessions, you plan on a program of between 8 to 20 hours coaching depending on what stage you are at and what you want to achieve.

The ICUnet Coaching Clinic Offer

“Executives know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term.”

(The Ivy Business Journal)